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  1. Recover data from any CHK files that exist on your computer.
  2. Recover deleted files, folders, damaged partitions.
  3. Recover and undelete lost files, folders, photos, and other documents.
  4. Recover accidentally deleted, formatted, or corrupted files easily.
  5. Recover damaged or corrupted files.
  6. Recover files after a hard drive crashes or is formatted.
  7. Undelete files and recover documents from formatted and repartitioned drives.
  8. Recover data emptied from Recycle Bin or via Windows command line.
  9. Recover lost files.
  10. Recover deleted files.
  11. Recover deleted files even after trashing data in Windows trash bin.
  12. Recover deleted files and folders on your computer.
  13. Restore deleted files and images from your PC and camera.
  14. Recover deleted and unsaved files to another drive in your PC.
  15. Recover lost and corrupted data from your removable media.
  16. Data recovery tool for NTFS file system.
  17. Get deleted/formatted/lost data file back.
  18. Recover files on major Windows operating systems.
  19. Recover your lost files to specified directory.
  20. Search and restore various types of deleted files.
  21. Restore files that have been accidentally deleted from your computer.
  22. Data recovery tool for NTFS file system.
  23. Recover lost and deleted files automatically from all kinds of media.
  24. Recover your file from hard drive or flash drives.
  25. Recover data from your USB device.
  26. Find and recover deleted files of all major file types.
  27. Recover deleted files on various file systems and media.
  28. Recover deleted files of any type.
  29. Retrieve deleted files from various storage media.
  30. Recover any lost or deleted data.
  31. Wipe all open space on your disk and make previously deleted files unrecoverable.
  32. Recover deleted or accidentally lost files.
  33. Recover lost files from HFS & HFS+ volume.
  34. Recover files and folders deleted accidentally or lost due to disk corruption.
  35. Recover deleted files on NTFS drives.
  36. Take copies of files as you modify them.
  37. Recover files deleted from your PC.

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