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  1. Perform manufacturer independent OBD2 car diagnostics and VAG specific OBD.
  2. Recover data from any CHK files that exist on your computer.
  3. Convert CDA to MP3, WAV, WMA, OGG, AAC, and M4A.
  4. Recovers lost pictures from digital camera memory cards.
  5. Control 3D replicas of RC planes and helicopters in flight-model simulation.
  6. Remove errors and redundant or unwanted items from the Registry.
  7. Create, format, and delete your IDE hard disk drives.
  8. Provide Total Commander with support of DWG DXF HPGL/HPGL2 SVG CGM.
  9. Optimize the cutting layouts in shearing and cutting operations.
  10. Manage student, teacher, courses, batches, fees, attendance, and marks.
  11. Practice blackjack with millions of combinations and rule sets from casinos worldwide.
  12. Analyze your source code and view its flowchart graphical presentation.
  13. Fight off an army of invading Easter Bunnies.
  14. Optimize the cutting layouts in shearing and cutting operations.
  15. Find optimal positions for video surveillance cameras.
  16. Batch convert your photos.
  17. Rewrap batches of m2t, mts, and m2ts files into QuickTime movies.
  18. Create backing tracks, explore chords, chord progressions with this music composition software.
  19. Create secure peer-to-peer networks for unlimited PCs.
  20. Decode morse code via sound card to text.
  21. The best high quality live TV app!.
  22. Analyze next generation sequencing data.
  23. Subversion client for enterprise level version control.
  24. Mix and beat-match video, audio, karaoke, and visualizations.
  25. CarryMap Observer is a client app provided to open and read the CMF map files.With CarryMap Observer, you can: Navigate on a map (Zoom in, Zoom...
  26. Engrave photos in 3D, convert 2D vector graphics into 3D, design stamps.
  27. Manage your coffee, bar, and restaurant business.
  28. Create realistic simulations with full 3D solids and many features of real CNC Machines.
  29. Setup and operate retail management system for single and chain stores.
  30. Create and carry your personal desktop environment on portable device.
  31. Reduce shipping and transportation costs by loading and space optimizations.
  32. 2D chemical drawing and sketching: supports structures, reactions and spectra, multiplatform.
  33. Model, animate, and render photo realistic 3D-scenes.
  34. Design patterns for cross-stitch, tapestry, rug making, and knitting.
  35. Read and Write to any desktop side database Wirelessly with your Android Phone/Tablet(Using Local Wi-Fi). Changes on Android device can synchronize...
  36. Edit your pictures with ease.
  37. Create and share crossword and word search puzzles (Web, Print and PDF).
  38. Carry all your links and access them from any computer.
  39. The Collins English Dictionary 2010 Complete & Unabridged and the Collins Thesaurus of the English Language 2010 in a software bundle offering a...
  40. Provide a retail point of sale system.
  41. Battle hordes of space chickens.
  42. USB driver.
  43. Circuit Lab HD is an electronic circuit analysis tool based on the modified node analysis method. Three kind of analysis may be conducted: * DC:...
  44. Create digital content with an all-in-one 3D solution.
  45. Enhance your file copy experience in Microsoft Windows.
  46. Simplify managing files in Azure blob storage.
  47. Bring realistic Clownfish Aquarium effects to your PC screen.
  48. Make a large number of advanced protein sequence analysis.
  49. Record Webcam video and save it in AVI format.
  50. Provide UI and application integration software featuring powerful SDK and skinning.
  51. Develop web debugging proxy application.
  52. Convert and process your RAWs in batch.
  53. Code for the web from a truly new one-window interface.
  54. Provide point of sale software for grocery and liquor stores.
  55. Fast drive backup and duplication solution.
  56. Play video on webcam and add various effects.
  57. Monitor PC activities of your kids or employees and lock Internet access when necessarily.
  58. Update your copy of Close Combat: Last Stand Arnhem to the version 5.60.01.
  59. City Guide car navigator provides the following unique features: - automatic maps updating; daily updating of vector city maps and traffic...
  60. Split MP3s into smaller files by section, and split by time or size.
  61. Capture images from Web pages, movie files, and games.
  62. Provide a retail point of sale system.
  63. Cheats guide for Crysis 2.
  64. Convert your video and audio files quickly and easily.
  65. Translate any text on a Web page and other applications just by selecting it.
  66. Increase productivity and save money using a suite of office applications.
  67. View and manage files from a Web site or network with an FTP client.
  68. Convert & resize photos.
  69. Take your Windows Home Server backup to secure online storage.
  70. Optimize for guillotine and non-guillotine cutting of rectangular materials.
  71. Perform data analysis, linear and nonlinear regression, smoothing, and splines.
  72. Print your cheques using your normal printer.
  73. Display menus and toolbars of MS Office.
  74. Compute and create patterns for lady's and men's garments.
  75. 45 minutes of Cubase 5 tutorials for FREE!! Download the FREE HD version of this title & www.NonLinearEducating.comGet a...
  76. Control and report the use of computers in you internet cafe.
  77. Update your version of Combat Mission: Battle for Normandy to 1.10.
  78. Scan IP address and MAC address.
  79. Build, display, manipulate crystal and molecular structures.
  80. Create quotations, invoices, and manage receivables.
  81. Create a text in any installed true type font and save the result as dxf file.
  82. Add instant SSL / TLS security and other useful Internet-related functionalities to your C++ applications.
  83. Add signatures and disclaimers to your e-mails sent via MS Exchange 2010 on server.
  84. Defend yourself against waves of chicken invasions.
  85. Manage your Internet cafe's needs.
  86. Work with your BAU to stop a serial killer and mad bomber.
  87. Copy to WebDAV is designed for use with iWork's app, which allows you get document from your Keynote, Numbers and Pages apps on your iPhone, iPad...
  88. Browse FTP servers using a client with built-in HTML editing and archiving utilities.
  89. As a cloud-based curriculum, CINCH Learning is the first program of its kind, allowing students to extend the learning experience by accessing...
  90. Monitor serial activity, automate specific data processing, and transfer various tasks.
  91. Charge the customers when they connect their devices to your access point (Wi-Fi hotspot).
  92. Chess: Battle of the Elements combines the tried and true gameplay of the worlds most popular game, with beautiful 3D graphics. Select your...
  93. Microsoft 70-400TS: Microsoft System Center Operations Manager 2007, ConfiguringITestEasy: The best IT certification training tool for iPhone, with...
  94. Enhance your file copy experience in Microsoft Windows.
  95. Keep backup your files online to your Amazon S3 storage account.
  96. Provide maximum material yield no matter what you're cutting (wood, board, glass, and so on ).
  97. Manage your files on cloud just as you would on your own local computer.
  98. Control business inventory and perform warehouse management of small/medium business.
  99. Synchronize MS Outlook data between two computers.
  100. Perform conversion of video files between formats.


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